Rhinoplasty For Wide / Broad Nose :

Some people have broad/ wide nose with wide nostrils and broad nasal tip. These individuals require correction of nasal bone, nostrils and nose tip. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. To correct the width of nasal bridge, osteotomies are performed. Once the osteotomies done the width of nasal bridge is reduced/ narrowed Correction of wide/ flaring nostrils closer to each other. For correcting the wide/ broad tip, tip Rhinoplasty is performed using sutures to reshape the tip. Most of the African, Americans have broad nose, wide nostrils and nose tip. In most of these Africans, American races osteotomies along with ala procedure and tip reshaping is performed. In some cases after the osteotomies of the nasal bone to reduce the bone width is performed, an implant is placed to increase the height of the nasal bone.

Rhinoplasty helps in narrowing wide / broad and upturned nose. Many African Americans noses are wide that requires nose surgery ( nose reduction ) to narrow the wide nose and give proper shape to the nose. Usually people with broad nose have broad / big nose tip which also needs nose tip correction surgery to narrow the tip. Usually Africans and some Asians have wide and depressed noses and some have broad nose with hump. These people requires augmentation or reduction rhinoplasty procedures after performing nasal osteotomies.

Recovery after broad nose rhinoplasty takes 1 to 2 weeks and one can see the final results
after 1 to 2 months.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty for broad nose in India ?

Broad nose Rhinoplasty is done under general anesthesia where 2 to 3 corrections are required to correct the deformities. The cost for this type of Rhinoplasty procedure is 85000 to 90000 rupees.


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