neck lift surgery done in bangalore

Types of Neck Lift Surgery


Cervicoplasty is type of cosmetic neck lift surgery procedure in which excess sagging skin is removed and tightened by an cosmetic neck lift surgeon.


Plastysmoplasty is a type of neck lift procedure where the cosmetic neck lift surgeon alters the neck muscles,removes excess fat if any and lifts the neck .

Neck Lift Surgery Procedure :

Neck Lift surgery procedure cosmetic surgeon performs neck lift surgery by making a incision below the chin and sometimes behind the ears .The dissection is carried below the skin and the neck muscle are altered ,liposuction / lipectomy of the neck is performed if required and the neck skin is lifted upward and excess skin is removed and secured with sutures. The duration of neck lift surgery procedure will lasts for 1-2hrs by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Neck Lift Surgery Case study :

Male patient in his mid 20’s from Pune visited us for his double chin reduction surgery. He mentioned he tried lasers and lipo dissolve injections at some other clinic in pune. He was not happy with his results as he felt there was no reduction in his double chin after trying out all non surgical treatments. He was convinced to undergo double chin reduction surgery. We are performed his procedure only under local anesthesia by removing excess fat below his chin and tightening his neck cheek. One can appreciate this man results very well in his before and after pics.We recommend double chin reduction and neck lift surgery in individuals with double chin/ sagging neck skin to get beautiful neck/ chin contour.

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