Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India

Rhinoplasty Techniques

1. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty :

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is performed on individuals who are not happy with their overall appearance of nose. Cosmetic Nose Job is done only for aesthetic/cosmetic purpose. In cosmetic Nose Surgery we have different types of rhinoplasty surgeries they are as follows:

A) Rhinoplasty for hump nose
B) Nose Job for crooked nose
C) Nose Reshaping for depressed nose
D) Rhinoplasty for bulbous nose
E) Nose Job for big nostrils
F) Nose Reshaping for small nose
G) Rhinoplasty for big nose

A) Rhinoplasty For Hump Nose :

Nose is made up of skin, fat, muscles, bone and cartilages, hump nose is mainly due to excess bone and cartilages, here plastic surgeon for nose makes a small incision at the base of the nose (Columella) and the dissection is carried out submucopericondrially, later the dorsal nose hump is removed. The area of the nose many individuals have concern is hump. Hump makes individuals detract from their faces. Many young men and women with even very small hump are concerned about their nose for which they opt for nose job to get a beautiful nose.

B) Nose Job For Crooked Nose :

Crooked nose is also called as deviated nose. In Crooked nose we have different types of crooked nose :

#   C-Shaped Nose       #   S-Shaped Nose       #   L-Shaped Nose

Crooked Nose correction is one of the greatest challenge for a plastic surgeon in the nose surgery,
crooked nose is mainly due to deviated nasal septum and the nasal bone.Crooked nose leads to functional
problem like breathing difficulty, also leads to facial asymmetry. Correction of deviated nose requires septo
rhinoplasty and osteotomy ( removal of small portion of septal cartilage and realigning cartilage and nasal bone).

C) Nose Job For Depressed Nose :

Depressed nose can be due to injury and birth defect.Many people doesn't like to have an depressed nose since it looks ugly makes them inferior which effects the person's self esteem.Depressed nose needs augmentation of the nose. Depressed nose can be corrected by an experienced plastic surgeon by using various augmentation materials such as silicone,gortex and by patient's own tissues (rib and cartlage).

D) Rhinoplasty For Bulbous Nose :

Bulbous nose is also known as rhinophyma,the condition where nose appears large and bulbous. Here the facial cosmetic surgeon/plastic surgeon reshapes the nasal tip and removes bulbous tissue under the nasal skin .

E) Nose Job For Big Nostrils :

Many individuals with large size of nostrils are self conscious and approach the facial cosmetic surgeon to reduce their size which suits theirs face which finally helps them for good looks. The Characteristics of nose are inherited from their parents or developed during adolescence .Individuals with Big nostrils requires a reduction rhinoplasty (Ala base reduction).

2. Functional Rhinoplasty :

Functional Nose Job is performed on individuals with functional problems such as breathing difficulty, nasal obstructions, trauma etc…. Functional Nose Reshaping is performed only for restoring the nasal functions.

Nasal Tip Surgery / Tip Plasty :

Nasal tip surgery/tip plasty is very important procedure and is the finishing step in rhinoplasty. The best nose is when the individual's nasal bridge comes down straight and his/her nasal tip is lifted by 2 millimeter.Rhinoplasty is said incomplete without achieving tip defining point.

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