Nose Job Surgery in India

Rhinoplasty Recovery in India

For a quick and good recovery following rhinoplasty one need to follow the post rhinoplasty instructions carefully. Rhinoplasty recovery process takes one week and in some cases who undergo osteotomies ( nasal bone correction ) the recovery time would prolong up to ten days. Recovery process is quick for people who undergo soft tissue corrections of nose. During a rhinoplasty recovery you will be advised to take pain killer for pain, antiinflammatory drugs for swelling and antibiotics for 5 days. Tipically swelling will be present for few days to weeks, however pain following rhinoplasty is minimal.

During your rhinoplasty recovery you will be advised to use nose splint for a period of 7 to 10 days. After your rhinoplasty you will be monitored in the recovery room for 1 to 2 hrs and sent home the same day. One needs to take care of the wound carefully by applying antibiotic ointment to prevent any infection. In some cases nose packs will be kept for 1 day and removed on the subsequent day, in which case you can breath from mouth.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time :

The Recovery time for tip rhinoplasty, nostrils reduction is quicker compared to crook nose, big nose, saddle nose and hooked nose corrections. Healing following rhinoplasty is excellent due to good blood supply of the facial region.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips :

The stitches at columella are removed on 5th day. During the rhinoplasty recovery period one should make sure that the wound is not disturbed and one should prevent any pressure over the nose. Most of the patients after their rhinoplasty surgery go to work in 1 to 2 days. There is no need for any bed rest. Though the external wound heals, internal healing and tissue moulding will be taking place inside the nose. So following proper instructions and tips given by your rhinoplasty surgeon not only helps in fast recovery but also give you best rhinoplasty results.

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