Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bangalore

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedure which is performed to reconstruct the correct facial structure of individual's facial appearance. This surgery is primarily done to reconstruct one's nose, which may be due to accidents, falls and to improve the nose function. The best part of getting this surgery is that a patient is given a conscious sedation, which helps in preventing the need of further surgeries or corrections. We have performed more than 1000 cosmetic and Rhinoplasty in Bangalore successfully by Dr. Pentyala at New You Cosmetic Clinic.

You can see our testimonials as well as photo gallery. Most of our nose jobs enhance balanced facial cosmetic features. We had patients from Germany, Israel, Dubai, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, France, London, Iran, UAE and other parts of the world who underwent Rhinoplasty in Bangalore and were satisfied with the positive results.

Many people undergo nose reshaping because they feel that their nose is not in balance/proportion to their chin and upper lip. To give a cosmetic appearance, nose should be in balance with other facial parts. Nose reshaping surgery for cosmetic reasons can be performed after 18 years of age. It can be done alone or with the combination of chin surgery (genioplasty) or lip surgery (liplift/smile lift) or other facial cosmetic surgeries.

Reduction and Augmentation Rhinoplasty

If an individual has a big nose and big chin, reduction rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose and reduction genioplasty to reduce the protruded chin is done in combination on the same day. If a person has a problem with small nose and small chin, augmentation rhinoplasty to increase the nose size and chin advancement surgery (advancement genioplasty) is done in combination.

If a person has other facial cosmetic problems, it is advised to undergo these procedures along with Rhinoplasty. This is because addressing only nose job does not help in achieving cosmetic balance. Now days in Bangalore, we get young male and female patients saying that their lip is not in line with the nose and jaws. These people say their lips have dropped down and they could hardly notice any teeth when they smile. For these people we performed lip lift along with nose job at our clinic in Bangalore.

New You Cosmetic Clinic is a specialized center for Rhinoplasty in Bangalore, which is performed for various nose reshaping surgeries in combination with genioplasty and smile lift surgeries on many individuals.There are different types of cosmetic nose surgery procedures such as hump removals, nostrils correction, nose tip corrections and other nose job combination procedures which are performed under local anaesthesia and sometimes using mild sedation without any need to stay in the clinic after your surgery.

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