Rhinoplasty Surgery in Bangalore

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery in India

Revision Rhinoplasty is nothing but an repeated surgery of the same nose which is done else where . Revision Nose Job is very challenging for an cosmetic surgeon compared to first time Nose Job, this is because your nose would have been already manipulated and aligned in your first nose surgery which you are not happy with the outcome or results. Many young men and women Nose Job patients visited to our clinic for a revision rhinoplasy surgery and got a successful results.

This Surgery is performed to correct the detect or problem that has occurred as a result of previous nose job. Most of the patients choose to undergo this surgery because they were depressed and regret about previous Rhinoplasty surgery. Most of the Revision Nose Reshaping surgery requires cartilage graft to repair/ reconstruct the damaged nasal skeleton by previous surgery. Septal cartilage, ear cartilage or sometimes Rib cartilage is used for nose repair.

Who can undergo this Surgery ?

1. People who are unhappy with first nose surgery results
2. Individuals with breathing problem as a result of their first nose job surgery.
3. People who have deviated nose/ depressed nose and hanging nose tip following their previous Nose Job surgery.

Most of the people feel that they have a tip deformative and developed a new nose deformative from their previous nose surgery. These two are the main reasons why most of the people prefer to undergo this surgery to redefine their nose.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost :

The cost is a bit higher compare to individuals who undergo first time Nose Job. The reasons for more cost are revision Rhinoplasty surgery is complex and requires more corrections and also needs augmentation with either ear graft (conchan), septal cartilage or rib cartilage. The cost of revision Rhinoplasty in india is 1300 – 1700 USD compare to 5000 to 9000 USD elsewhere.

Before Your Surgery :

1) First Consultation with Facial plastic surgeon.
2) Face and Nose evaluation .
3) Understanding patient's aesthetic expectation.
4) Patient's motive for facial /cosmetic surgery.
5) Photography of the patient.
6) Mutual consent of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgeon.
7) Medical reports of rhinoplasty seeker.
8) Reanalysis of the patient on the day of surgery.

Patient / Nose Job Seeker's Selection :

1. Rhinoplasty seeker or patient with appropriate motive .
2. Stability of the patient or rhinoplasty seeker's.
3. Realistic expectation of patient or rhinoplasty seeker's.
4. Medically fit patient or rhinoplasty seeker's.

Patient / Nose Job Seeker's Who are not Sutiable :

1. Patient's seeker's with many doubts in their mind
2. Unrealistic expectations ( I will have new life after plastic surgery! )
3. Patient's seekers who are not clear of what they want?
4. Nose Job seeker's who want to undergo nose surgery without their family member's knowledge
5. Nose Reshaping seeker's who comes with the pictures or shows pictures of celebrities or other popular     personalities and expects their nose to be similar to them.

After Surgery :

1. Oral Antibiotics for 5 days .
2. Analgesics,diuretic should also be taken by patient.
3. Nasal dressing is removed on the very next day of nose surgery.
4. Sutures are removed on 5th or 7th day of the Nose surgery.
5. No Strenous exercises for 2 weeks.
6. Patient is asked to sleep in upright position only.

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