Hump Nose Rhinoplasty :

Hump Nose Rhinoplasty / Hump Nose Surgery is performed either by making intranasal incision only or making an additional columella incision if the hump is large. Flap is elivated until the upper lateral cartilage subperichordially to locate the osteochondral junction is reached, a small incision is made and the periosteum is elevated. Hump which may be only a bone or a cartilage or combination of bone cartilage is removed either by using a bone file or chisel. One should be very careful while performing chiseling of the hump; this is because improper cutting of hump may lead to rocker deformity or depression over the dorsum of nose. Hump Nose reduction surgery does'nt required general anaesthesia to correct the hump. In some cases if hump correction is required along with other nose corrections general anaesthesia is used.

How is humpectomy performed ?

Humpectomy is performed under local anesthesia either by open nose approach or closed approach but for small hump removals closed approach is the preferred one.

What is the cost of Hump Nose Correction in India ?

If one is undergoing only the hump removal procedure without any other nose corrections it would cost 25000 to 30000 rupees.

What are the post Humpectomy precautions ?

  • Do not exert any pressure on your nose

  • Maintain wound hygiene

  • Medication to be taken for 5 days

  • For internal/ closed Rhinoplasty technique no need to remove your stitches, but when open Rhinoplasty is done, stitches are removed at 5th or 6th day.

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