Rhinoplasty For Flat/ Depressed Nose :

Flat Nose is mainly due to flat nose bridge which can be due to genetic, nose trauma, syndromes or aquired. Flat nose surgery is performed in these individuals to raise the height of the nose bridge. Flat or Depressed nose is disturbing for many and needs cosmetic corrections.

For correcting depressed nose many types of augmentation materials are used such as Gortex, eilicone, rib cartilage, septal cartilage and ear cartilage. The depressed dorsum can be augmented with silicone, Gortex or rib cartilage. But Silicone is not used by many plastic/ cosmetic surgeons these days due to complications associated with it. Polytetra Fluoro ethelene (PTFE)/ Gortex is very much used these days to augment the dorsum. Rib cartilage can also be used but it requires another surgery to remove the rib cartilage for which some patients prefer gortex over rib cartilage. Nasal tip augmentation is done using ear cartilage or septal cartilage. Augmentation helps in increasing the vertical height of the nose and correcting flat/ depressed nose.

While augmenting the nasal bridge, excess augmentation will lead to over height of the bridge which should be avoided. Too less augmentation does not give proper nose balance. The Nose bridge should be augmentated in such a way that the nasal tip is atleast 1-2 mm upwards in relation to the nose bridge.

What is cost of Rhinoplasty for Depressed / Flat Nose in India ?

The cost ranges between 75000 to 80000 rupees in India for depressed/ flat nose correction.

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