Rhinoplasty For Women in India

Female Rhinoplasty :

Women undergoing rhinoplasty surgery is on a high in the recent times. Not only in countries like uk, america, canada, australia, iran, thailand and other european countries, but many women in india are prefering to undergo nose job / nose reshaping surgery. Most of these women feel that their nose is not in proportion with their upper lip, jaw and other facial structures. Some of the women feel their nose is too big, long, short, curved and have big nose tip. Most of the indian women have bulbous nose tip and they prefer to undergo nose tip rhinoplasty.

Women with big nostrils can be corrected by alar base reduction surgery. women with short nose requires augmentation rhinoplasty to lengthen their nose and women with long nose requires reduction rhinoplasty. To Reduce the length of nose in women, tip reshaping along with septal correction and tip suturing is done. Nose lengthening is done with cartilages from ear, nose, rib or gortex sheets. Women primarly prefer to get a sharp nose tip. Nose tip reshaping is performed by reducing the lower lateral cartilages ( cephalic trim ) or sometimes only cartilage suturing is done without any cartilage trim but the lower lateral cartialages are week, strengthening of these cartialages is required, for which some cartialage is added to the lower lateral cartialages to give tip defining point and sharper looking nose.

What is the cost of rhinoplasty for women in India ?

The cost of rhinoplasty for women depends upon the type of nose reshaping surgery performed and also if its primary rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty. The cost in india for rhinoplasty for women is between 45000 to 90000 rupees.

Post Rhinoplasty Instructions for Women :

  • Do not disturb the nose dressing if any.

  • While washing the face do not rub or apply any pressure on your nose for few weeks.

  • Heavy exercises should not be done for two weeks

  • Gym should be avoided for atleast three weeks.

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