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Facelift Surgery Recovery in India

Facelift Surgery Recovery :

Many patients when they come down for facelift consultation ask us about recovery time and recovery process after a facelift. Recovery following facelift surgery does'nt happen suddenly, but happens in stages. The recovery time for lunch time facelift and mini facelift is shorter ( 5 to 7 days ) and recovery period for MACS / SMAS facelift is 7 to 14 days.

During the recovery time no bed rest is required. you may have pain, swelling and bruising over your face for 1 week. Initially swelling is minimal and could increase after 78 hrs of facelift. However you will be advise to take pain killers, steroids for swelling, application of ice over your face and also wear face mask for 1 to 2 weeks depending on the type of facellift. During Recovery you may experience nausea, which may be due to pain killers and other medications you will be taking during your recovery time. After 10 days stitches will be removed and your incisions starts to look better by 3 weeks.

Most of the symptoms like pain, numbness, swelling and bruising will disappear by 2 weeks, But in some individuals it may take another week depending on the type of facelift surgery and corrections done.

Conclusion :

For a smoother and faster facelift surgery recovery one need to carefully follow the facelift instructions given by your facelift surgeon.

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