Facelift Surgery In Bangalore

Facelift Surgery Procedures

  • Mini Facelift Surgery
  • MACS Facelift Surgery
  • SMAS Facelift Surgery(Lateral SMASECTOMY Lift, SMAS Lift )
  • Conventional Facelift Surgery

Mini Facelift Surgery :

Mini Facelift is a facial cosmetic surgery done by cosmetic surgeon by making a incisions in front and behind the ear by lifting the below muscle and tightening the facial skin. Mini facelift procedures are done under local anesthesia .

Cost of Mini Facelift Surgery :

Cost of mini Face lift is less compared to conventional facelift ,Cost of mini facelift procedure ranges from 3500-5000 USD$ in Western and Middle east countries ,where as facelift in India would cost you between 1500 to 2000 USD.

Why Choose Mini Facelift Surgery to Conventional Facelift Surgery ?

1. Cost effective compared to other facelift surgery.
2. Quick Recovery compared to conventional facelift surgery.
3. No Hospitalization required in this facial cosmetic surgery.
4. Unnoticed scar in mini facelift surgery.

Conclusion :

Mini Facelift has become much popular in recent years due to quick downtime ,cost effective and pleasing results compared to conventional facelifts, where the entire facelift procedure is done by general anesthesia with two to three days of hospital stay.

MACS Facelift Surgery :

MACS facelift surgery is a very minimal invasive cosmetic facial surgery done by making small incision above the ears in the hair line, cheeks ,jowls and nasolabial areas are pulled superiorly by using suspension sutures.

MACS Facelift Surgery Advantages are :

1. In MACS Facelift surgery there is no much manipulation of deeper tissues in the entire facelift surgery.
2. MACS Facelift surgery addresses mid face as well
3. Quick Recovery time compared to any other facelift procedure.
4. In MACS Face lift surgery Sutures are hidden behind the Hair line
5. Cost effective compared to any other type of facelift surgeries.
6. Hardly very less or Negligible complications are found in MACS Facelift surgery procedure.

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