facelift cost in india

Facelift Surgery Cost in India

Facelift cost varies from individual to individual and depending upon the type of facelift (Mini Facelift, MACS Lift). Generally if you opt for an Corporate Hospitals where the facelift procedure are performed under general anaesthesia as a inpatient basis which requires one or two days stay at the hospital after the facelift procedure, Facelift cost would be expensive in these cases which would range from 2000 to 2500 $ USD in India. Where as the same facelift procedure would cost you between 6000 to 10000$ USD in UK,USA and other western countries.

We at Our New You Cosmetic clinic an Exclusive Day Care centre perform Facelift surgery Like Mini Facelift, MACS Lift and SMAS Lift only under Local anaesthesia, where the patient can go back to home on the same day after the facelift surgery is performed .Cost of Facelift in these cases is much cheaper compared to Corporate Hospitals, This is because Patient does not require any stay at the hospital, No anaesthetist required. The cost of Facelift surgery done as a day care procedure would cost you between 4000-5000$ USD in Europe and other western countries. One can expect Facelift cost between 1500-2000$ USD in India.

What You Can Expect From Facelift Surgery ?

1. Facelift surgery as a cosmetic facial surgery procedure helps the individual to look 8-12 years Younger.
2. Boosts One's Self Esteem and Self Confidence.
3. Facelift surgery combined with other cosmetic facial surgeries like Blepharoplasty gives you the best results.
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