Facelift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery in India

Facelift Surgery is also called as Rhytidectomy in medical terminology. In general facelift surgery in Bangalore is a cosmetic surgical process performed by a facial surgeon to remove the wrinkles from the face, cheek, chin, neck and tightening the underlying skin.

Facelift surgery in Bangalore is performed by making incisions just in front and sometimes behind the Ear. The underlying muscles are tightened, excess fat if any is removed and extra skin is trimmed and tightened to give a desire facelift results. Sometimes, facelifting is done by a facial cosmetic surgeon by using sutures/threads.

One could hardly notice any scars /marks after facelift surgery. In general, as a person ages his/her skin tends to lose the elasticity and the skin becomes to sag, creating folds/lines/wrinkles, making a person to look old. The cosmetic Facelift procedure helps to remove wrinkles/folds/lines which make a person look youthful and vibrant. Both Men and women can undergo facelift surgery in Bangalore to achieve for the best cosmetic or aesthetic appearance.

Who are suitable for Facelift surgery?

1. Both Men and Women with Good general Health
2. Sagging Face and Neck Skin
3. Between 40-65 years Individuals with the age group.
4. People with Realistic Expectations
5. Individuals with age group below 40 with sagging skin may also undergo facelift surgery for cosmetic purpose.

Facelift Surgery Results :

Smoking, ageing, stress, gravitational factors and sudden weight loss makes the facial and neck skin to sag these Individuals would greatly get benefit from facelift surgery. Facelift results would last for 8 to 12 years. However, the facelift results would even last longer if an individual maintains his/her general health, weight and restrict alcohol and smoking. You can expect the surgical facelift to leave you with a young, fresh and rejuvenated look. Facelift is some time combined with blepharoplasty to achieve younger and fresh looking face. Facelift surgery alone would address only the face and neck, but not the eyelids. Many a times facelift procedure is combined with Blepharoplasty (Cosmetic Eye Lid Surgery) to achieve best results in terms of pleasant appearance.

However, Facelift Results mainly depend upon the surgeon, his/her experience/surgery skill sets and the facial cosmetic clinic which you choose. We at New your cosmetic clinic are proud to say that we have world class facial cosmetic surgeons who have a nearly decade of experience Facelift Surgery in Bangalore and other cosmetic surgeries.

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