Eyebrow Eyelash Hair Transplant in Bangalore

Eyebrows and Eyelash Hair Transplant in India

Eyebrow hair / eye lash transplantation is done to restore lost eyebrow/ eye lashes due to trauma/ accidents or to enhance existing eyebrow/,eye lash transplant is completed in 2 to 3 hours and no hospitalization required. The transplanted follicles that are taken taken from scalp & implanted will grow new hair which is permanent and natural. Contact us today @ 080-40992418 to get eyebrow/ eye lash transplant if you wish one.

Eyelash Hair Transplant / Eyelash Hair Restoration :

Eyelash hair transplant/ eyelash hair restoration/ eyelash hair implant is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed on eye brow/eyelid to get a newer eyelash/eyebrow.

Who can opt for Eyelash Hair Transplant / Eyelash Hair Implant ?

  • Individuals who does not have eyelashes / eyebrows
  • Individuals who have lost eyelashes/eyebrows due to trauma, accidents, burns, genetic or cancer surgery

Eyelash Implant / Eyelash Transplant / Eyebrow Transplant Results ?

Eyelash transplant/eyebrow implant results are natural & permanent. The results gradually depend on the placement, angulations of grafts and experience of cosmetic surgeon.

Eyelash Transplant / Eyelash Restoration / Eyebrow Transplant Cost in India ?

The cost of eyelash transplant/ eyebrow restoration varies from 900-1000 USD per eyelid in India. Where as its 2 to 3 times higher in USA, UK and other European countries.The cost of eyebrow transplant is 300 USD Per Eyebrow in Bangalore, India

Eyelash Transplant / Eyelash Implant / Eyebrow Transplant Procedure :

Eyelash transplant / restoration / implant is performed under local anesthesia by taking hair follicles from back of scalp and implant into the eyelash area. Entire procedure per single eyelash restoration takes 90 minutes to 120 minutes approximately and you can go back to home immediately after your eyelash transplant/eyebrow transplant.

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