Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty :

Crooked Nose causes are nasal trauma, nose injury, genetic or as a result of primary rhinoplasty ( crooked nose after rhinoplasty ). In people with crooked nose the nasal septum is diviated. Crooked nose rhinoplasty surgery needs realignment of deviated septum to the midline. Open Rhinoplasty technique is followed for crooked nose correction. Flap elevation is done to expose the internal nasal structures such as nasal bone, upper lateral cartilage and cover casual cartilage.

An intercartilagenous incision is placed over the lower lateral cartilage to reach the septal cartilage. Mucoperichondrium is elevated from the septum and a portion of septal cartilage is removed sparing superior and anterior portion of septum. Finally osteotomy (medial and lateral) is performed to correct the deviated nasal bone followed by placing cartilaginous sutures and closing the incisions with resorbable sutures at the columella. Excess Removal of septum should be avoided to prevent any further nose deformity. Utmost care should be taken not to tear or injure the Mucoperichondrium. Once the portion of septum is removed, Mucoperichondrium is placed back on to the nasal septum and sutured.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty for crooked nose in Bangalore, India ?

Crooked nose requires multiple corrections and is done only under general anesthesia with one day hospital stay. The cost for crooked nose Rhinoplasty is relatively high compare to hump nose or nostrils correction. The cost is between 65000 to 70000 rupees in India.

What are the precautions post crooked nose corrections ?

  • Sleep upright only with head elevated position
  • Do not sneeze and blow from your nose for few days to weeks
  • You would have a nasal split for few days
  • Nose packs should be kept for 24 to 48 hours
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