Cosmetic Surgery Case Studies

Case Study on Rhinoplasty :

Mr. Srinivas Yadav Age 28yrs Software Techie From JP Nagar, Bangalore consulted us on 14/10/2013, on his consultation he said that he prefers to undergo rhinoplasty/ nose job surgery. He Complained of having big nose compared to his face, also his nostrils were big with ala notching and dropping nose tip. He however didn't had any breathing related issues.

We scheduled his Rhinoplasty Surgery on 21/10/2013. Open Rhinoplasty was performed under local anaesthesia with mild sedation. Tip Rhinoplasty was done to correct his bulbus and dropping tip and tip defining point was achieved. Ear Cartilage ( Conchal ) was harvested and placed over the lower later cartilage ( Ala Cartialge ) to correct Ala Notching.
Ala Base Reduction was performed to narrow his wide nostrils. Entire Procedure took 90 Minutes and Patient was sent home one hour following his Rhinoplasty/ Nose Reshaping Surgery.

Patient was called for follow up on 7th day. His Sutures over the ear and base of his nose were removed. He didn't had any major complications other than mild pain and swelling for 4 to 5 days following his Rhinoplasty.
After Rhinoplasty Surgery patient was happy and confident about his new nose.

Case Study on Nose Job :

Ms. Ayesha Age 29 yrs From Indiranagar, Bangalore came for Rhinoplasty Surgery to correct her big nose. She was worried about her nose tip was downwards and bulky. She was happy with her upper part of the nose (Nasal Dorsum).
She wanted us to make her nose tip sharper and rotate her nasal tip upward. Nasal tip Rhinoplasty was done under local anaesthetic as a lunch time procedure, Excess cartilage was removed and her nose tip was rotated upward.
Once Rhinoplasty done she was happy with her New Nose.

Case Study on Rhinoplasty Surgery :

Mr.Reji from Cochin Kerala age 45 years has a problem of bulbous nose. We performed open Rhinoplasty surgery on 19/08/2013. This man had a big lower lateral cartilage and thick skin with subcutaneous fat. We have done cephalic trim of his lower lateral cartilage and performed defatting to reduce his bulbous nose tip. Absorble sutures were place inside of his nose and removed sutures at columella. On his follow up after 5 days we removed the columella sutures.

The main challenges while performing Rhinoplasty on individuals with thick skin are it is wise to remove the fat below the nose skin along with cartilage removal to achieve pleasing results. Most of the Asians have thick nasal skin compare to western people.

Case Study on Nose Reshaping :

This Rhinoplasty surgery case study illustrates the need for nostrils correction>br> Here is a male patient in his mid 30’s consulted us in the month of October-2013 for the correction of his nostrils as they were too big/ wide.
His nasal bone, size, shape and other nasal structures are normal. We performed Ala reduction surgery under local anesthesia to reduce his wide nostrils.

Patient appreciated the outcome of his procedure immediately. Most of the Asians and African race has a problem of big nostrils which requires nostril reduction / Ala base reduction surgery.

Case Study on Hair Transplant:

Super Mega Session Hair Transplant Case Studies - Mr. Velu 30 year old hair loss patient From Bangalore with advanced stage of hair loss (class 5) who was using hair wig for few years was fed up and doesn’t want to use it any more had consulted us for hair transplant surgery.

Case Study on Brow lift

This patient came to us with a history of drooping eyebrows and fore head wrinkles. He was earlier undergoing Botox treatment for his fore head wrinkles. He doesn’t want to undergo Botox injections any more as the results are temporary.

Case Study on Double eyelid surgery

This young lady sungtam aged 27 years from Thailand visited our New you cosmetic surgery clinic in the month of August 2013. She complained of smaller eyes and lack of upper eyelid skin crease. She also stated that her eyes look lazy. We have performed double eyelid surgery/ Asian Blepharoplasty.

Case Study on Lunch time Face lift

Here is a young individual in his 30’s with sagging facial skin opted for facelift surgery at our New you cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore. He mentioned that he doesn’t want an invasive facelift surgery as it requires general anesthesia and want two day hospitalization.

Case study on Neck Lift Surgery

Male patient in his mid 20’s from Pune visited us for his double chin reduction surgery. He mentioned he tried lasers and lipo dissolve injections at some other clinic in pune.

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