Rhinoplasty For Bulbous Nose :

Nasal skin, Bulbous nose can be due to big cartilages, fat beneath the skin as some times due to presence of thick skin. Bulbous nose Rhinoplasty is performed by reshaping the lower lateral cartilages and doing cartilage sutures to achieve the tip shape form. Many people with bulbous nose tip require defatting (removal of fat below the nasal tip skin). While performing defating procedure excess fat removal is not advised as it can lead to decreased vascularity to the skin. Rhinoplasty is very tricky for thick nose skin people. This is because in spite of doing a very good tip Rhinoplasty; due to presence of thick skin the results are not greatly appreciated.

Bulbous nose can be due to hereditary or some times as a result of previous rhinoplasty surgery. Some have bulbous nose tip / rounded nose tip without any nose tip definition. This type of nose tip requires correction of the cartilage either by upward rotation of the cartilage or by reducing some amount of cartilage at the cephalic portions and performing a cartilage suturing tecniques where intra cartilage, inter cartilage sutures are placed to get a nose tip a good definition.

Recovery after bulbous tip rhinoplasty is quick and one would have minimal swelling, mild redness over the nasal tip skin for few days. One can appreciate our results in bulbous tip Rhinoplasty before and after pictures.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty for Bulbous Nose in India ?

Bulbous nose Rhinoplasty is done under sedation with local anesthesia and the cost is affordable by many Rhinoplasty patients. The cost in India is 40000 to 45000 rupees.

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