Rhinoplasty Surgery Done By Dr. Kishore in Bangalore

Rhinoplasty for Big Nostrils :

(Alar base reduction), Ala base reduction procedure is performed under local anesthesia without any sedation. The skin incision is marked from the base of the nostrils and a portion of tissue is removed from the nostrils and suturing is done. Ala reduction helps in reducing the size/ with of nostrils and also helps in correcting the ala flaring. Ala reduction surgery is a simple office procedure and can be done in 30 to 45 minutes.

Big Nostrils can be due to heriditary, Individuals with big nostrils, nostrils flaring requires corrections for cosmetic purpose. Some individuals along with Broad, wide and long nose have big nostrils while some have only problem with their nostrils.

Some individuals requires only alar base reduction but some individuals requires alar base reduction only with septo rhinoplasty, hooked nose etc... Alar base reduction technique is simple when performed by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Improper tecnique on excess removal of alar base results in narrow nose and nose imperfections.

The Amount of alar tissue to be removed is properly planned based on the relations of ala to the upper lip and eyelids.

Recovery time after ala base reduction is minimal and one could hardly notice any scar at the ala, this is because the minimal scar is hidden in the nose skin crease / line. Swelling is also minimal after ala base reduction. One can see our gallery for alar base reduction before and after and many more pics on your consultation.

What is the cost of Alar reduction surgery in India ?

Ala reduction surgery costs between 25000 to 30000 rupees in India.

What are post Ala reduction instructions ?

  • Maintain wound hygiene
  • Do not sleep on your tummy
  • Do not exert any pressure on nostrils
  • Medication for 4 to 5 days
  • Suture removal after 5 days

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