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Asian Rhinoplasty in India

Asian Rhinoplasty is very popular of all cosmetic surgeries in korea and other parts of the world. Many of the koreans both young and old undergo korean nose rhinoplasty to correct there noses. Asian Nose surgery should be performed to acheive the nose that suits the asian faces. Typically caucasians undergo rhinoplasty to make their nose smaller but mainly asians undergo to make their nose larger.

Most of the Asians have a inprominent nose bridge and weak nasal cartilages with deviated septum and a very thick nose skin. Most of these Asian requires augmentation Rhinoplasty to achieve a prominent nose. Asian Rhinoplasty is very challenging and different from African Rhinoplasty/ Caucasians Rhinoplasty.

Nasal bridge is very narrow/small and not prominent in Asians which requires augmentation with gortex to give the nasals bridge its prominence. To give nasal tip a proper shape cartilage grafts are used over the nose tip. As Asian cartilages are weaker, reduction of cartilages leads to improper results which is why grafts taken from nasal septum or ear are used to reshape the Asian noses. Some Asian requires an additional correction for their wide ala. Majority of Indians requires reduction Rhinoplasty procedure compare to other Asian such as Philippines, Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong etc who requires augmentation Rhinoplasty.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty for Asians in India ?

The cost for Asian Rhinoplasty is 90000 to 100000 rupees as different augmentation procedures are required for Asians.

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